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Business analysis helps you in creating a successful story

Numerous ideas are discussed by the digital society, but never get to become real because entrepreneurs do not follow a plan or don’t consult the experts to start acting. The biggest mistake is not to take action.

9 out of 10 startups will go out of business because they skip the analysis and discovery phase of the project.

Developing an MVP with a solid architecture and good coding practice from the start will reduce scalability issues and direct investments to costs that actually matter, not rewriting features over and over again.

Our business expertise and project governance will enable you to get the financing you need to kick start your business. We reduce risks during discovery phases and business analysis.

Our Projects

We follow best practices

Our business analysts open the project by transforming your idea into a pitch package easily deliverable to VCs and investors. Our experts can generate market research documents, scope estimates, risks maps and mitigation plans.

Our UX/UI designers can translate into visuals the scope of your idea for investment presentations. For complex presentations we generate complete wireframes which are included in our MVP package. This will enable you to know at each step what is doable and what is not in matters of your end user behavior and preferences.

After the project is approved we convert the wireframes and functionalities into a complete working product which contains the full sellable functionalities and features which makes you ready to sell it.

Key deliverables

 Investor pitch

Get market research-based growth prospects that help you get investments

Product Roadmap

Detailed list of MVP development stages with KPI and product benchmarks

MVP Engineering

Get your application within 6 months and start testing hypothesis

Dynamic Prototype

A final product simulation that helps you understand the gaps

Concept Design

Get the wireframes in Figma with trendy and user friendly interface

Logical Infrastructure

We provide you with software architecture that allows you create complex apps

CI/CD Configuration

Continuous integration and delivery allow mitigate risks and pivot easily

Tech Stack

Get the list of technologies required for delivering the application

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