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We offer Magento Maintenance

With our Magento maintenance and support services, we offer you more than just a solution; we provide a trusted partner who is always there to support you. Whatever technical or operational challenges you face, we are here to provide the expertise and support you need to overcome any obstacle and focus on your business objectives.

Magento Maintenance & Support

If your online store is facing issues or you simply want to address an ongoing concern, we provide a solution in 6 simple steps, allowing you to quickly return to a successful project.

01. Reporting the Issue

You report the problem you encountered in the Service Desk

02. Issue Analysis

Our team, along with the dedicated Project Manager for your project, internally discusses the problem reported by you to find the solutions.

03. Solution Proposal

Taking into account all the aspects you have pointed out, we provide you with proposals for resolving the situation and an estimate regarding the resolution time.

04. Solution Implementation

Once we have agreed upon the project completion date, our team of professionals implements the solutions that will restore your online store to its desired functionality.

05. Solution Testing

We want to ensure that everything runs smoothly, which is why we focus on testing all aspects of what we've implemented.

06. We Provide Consultancy

After ensuring your project is once again perfect, we offer you personalized consultancy and training so that you can be in control in the future.

Take it to the Next Level with Magento

We guarantee the installation of the latest updates from the Magento platform. In this way, you ensure that your online store always benefits from all security, functionality, and performance updates.

  • Platform Update
  • Extensions Update
  • Theme Updates
  • Server-level Update

Performance Optimization

Our specialists conduct a thorough audit of your business to support its development. We always strive to improve functionality, leading to higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

Our team searches for the best solutions for you and your business. Therefore, in the end, we decide together on the development directions of your project. Here are some of the services we provide for you:

  • Server-Level Update and Improvement
  • Uninstalling Unused or Outdated Magento Extensions
  • Integrating Custom Functionalities into Extensions
  • Refactoring Third-Party and Custom Extension Code
  • Optimizing Google Pagespeed Insights

Continuous Maintenance

A dedicated team oversees your project on a monthly basis to provide the best solutions for fixes, updates, or enhancements to keep it successful.

We stay in constant communication with you to determine the next steps and improvements. Before delivery, we ensure everything is perfect through rigorous quality testing, so you can enjoy the best outcome.

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