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RPA – Robot Processing Automation

By robots we mean those software applications that perform operations that until now were performed by human operators. Robots must have the ability to learn. The way of learning can differ, as in the case of a person, they learn in the beginning some standard things in an education system, and then, depending on the company where they work, they learn things specific to that company.

The learning method can be of the “training” type, an operator teaches it certain actions, or of the “Machine learning” type, in this case the robot learns “invisibly” from the operator, without the operator being aware of it, when the operator performing actions specific to his tasks.

Robots are therefore those applications that support a learning process as a result of which their performance improves.

Many companies are turning to RPA to streamline operations and reduce costs. Companies can automate usual  rule-based business processes, allowing people to spend more time on other higher value-added activities.


RPA gives organizations the ability to reduce staffing costs and human error. Intelligent automation specialists says the principle is simple: Allow human employees to work on what humans excel at while using robots to handle the tasks that stand in their way.

Robots are typically inexpensive and easy to implement, requiring no custom software or deep systems integration. Such features are crucial as organizations pursue growth without adding significant expense or friction among workers.

When properly configured, software robots can increase a team’s work capacity by 50% to 80%. For example, simple, repetitive tasks such as entering invoices from suppliers can be speed up by 80% to 95% when performed using robots. Automating such tasks can also improve accuracy by eliminating human errors such as incorrect data entry.

RPA has the power to digitally transform your business and take your processes beyond conventional ones. Tara Interactive can help you implement end-to-end robotic process automation solutions to increase productivity, reduce operational costs and improve scalability.