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Fundamental Services

We offer the best solutions for end-to-end development solutions.

Web Development

From our experience of over 25 years in web development, we provide our clients with full-stack development solutions from back-end to UI experience.

Web Design

You may have the idea, but we have the creativity to transform it in a successful visual brand. Start looking fabulous from your website to your business cards.

Quality Assurance

No client will be alone on the path to success. Our team will provide you with maintenance and consultancy so you will make the right decisions in developmental stages.

Mobile Development

We work side-by-side with our clients and produce notch mobile products, object oriented programmed for attracting your targeted customers.

Just Bragging

We founded TARA Interactive in the 90s and we’ve met some people with wonderful ideas.


Satisfaction Rate

Knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, jQuery

Successful Projects

Technologies we use

Programming and developing online businesses never gets boring, it’s a continuous learning process.

Drupal, WordPress, Komodo, Joomla!

Our team can deliver websites on any desired platform for building easy to use CMSes for delivering your message to your clients and fans. Build a powerful online reputation and improve your market confidence.

.NET Expertise, Microsoft Azure

Our experts on Microsoft technologies have the capacity to scale projects ranging from high quality software, consultancy and web development.

PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML, MySQL

These are the ingredients that stand behind content management solutions, web portals, applications as SAAS used in specific industries.

Android, iOS

We develop various mobile applications that are used in various domains from real estate, e-commerce. Depending on our client requirements, we can develop cross-platform apps iOS and Android.

Docker, Drupal, Amazon Services

Based on what our clients need, we can develop in different managemental conditions. Using Drupal can be a cost efficient platform for online market monitoring and making intelligent based solutions.

AngularJS, NodeJS, Java, JavaScript

Our JavaScript developers are familiar with the latest trends, required by the markets. With a little bit of creativity and easy to implement frameworks we have constructed dynamic web applications with attractive end-user features.

Why Choose TARA interactive for your project?

Along the vast coding knowledge we have, we also offer fundamental advice in the digitalizing your business and deploying your products and ideas to the web. Our experts work along side with you in order to carefully create a strategy that will reach your targeted audience.

We use state of the art technologies in web development and app construction that help us deliver agile solutions and rise up to any challenge

Development Features

At TARA Interactive we combine creativity with web development to create unique experience for B2B and B2C online applications.

Receive a comprehensive consultancy

Custom Software Packages Services

Agile Scrum Time Management


Software Quality Assurance Services

Desktop Development Apps

Outsourcing your work to professionals

Mobile Development Apps

E-commerce development

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