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Ecommerce robots

Our Ecommerce and RPA divisions have launched a wide range of robots which will enable your ecommerce business to automatize processes and launch you in front of your competition.

Bank Withdrawl Robot

Automatize your transaction flows from any provider you have from your e-commerce platfrom. Save 60% of you time and make sure that you have continuous information about how is you company going.

Supplier Order Robot

Make automatic orders to your supplier so you never have empty stocks on your best selling products. The robot can suggest stock replenishment and send the supplier order with specific products that have low stocks.

Intelligent Price Comparisson

Be aware of want sells on your store, get an intelligent analysis from our AI. It will keep you up-to-date by comparing prices on selling items and unbought products. It will let you know when is it best to stop selling an item which is not preffered by the market.

Missing/Low Stock Robot

Get notified early when your products have a low stock or are out of stock. You’ll be one step in front of your competition with complete orders to your supplier and your customers will always be able to get thier products in the fastest time possbile.

Automatic Price Update

Make intelligent decisions based on market preferences and trends. Your prices will be automatically updated based on competition behavior and will recommend discontinuation if a product in your store is not selling so well.

Dropshipment Robot

Reduce your timing spent on monitoring your product packaging and shipment. The robot will give you notifications about delivery stages and will send orders to the supplier automatically.

Product Documentation Robot

A robot that gets your store updated with the product documention seemed a few years ago like a dream, but now it’s reality. Your store will be ready five times faster for launch with products already documented with pricing, description, attributes and so on.

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