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Digital commerce

Whether you are an online retailer or maybe just a brick-and-mortar small business that now wants to build its presence online, Tara Interactive’s specialists are here to guide you through the process of selecting an e-commerce solution. We will make sure it is suited to your budget, long-term goals, and business area. The result? A remarkable Customer Experience (CX) for your customers and intuitive, easy-to-use, customized tools for your team.

Our process

The initial stage of the Digital Commerce services involves one or more conversations with the key people in the company to fully understand where are the challenges and what are the strong points of the current business. Maybe you are now just starting your business or you are thinking of expanding your market by having an online store. Whatever the case, our Business Analysts will explore every detail with you.

After the first general business overview, the next step is to have a closer look at your particular context and results. What software are you using inside your company? Maybe you already have an E-commerce platform and you think that process automation will help your business grow faster.

At this stage, we will have a deeper look into how your current technology helped you get the results you have until now. This is the moment when we will discuss your medium and long-term goals, available resources, and timeframes.

By already having a lot of information about your business and understanding your context and targets, we will propose the technology and software solution that is best adapted to you. Tara Interactive’s specialists will help you decide which platform and technology are best for your business.

Once we decide which technical approach is the best option for your needs, the development phase begins. Our software engineers will start working on your project and ensure the solution has all the functionalities you want. Depending on the solution we work upon, we can set up an Agile approach in sprints or a classical Waterfall approach.

After the deployment phase is complete, we can continue to offer maintenance and support services in the long term.

Our application services

Tara Interactive team is up to date with the latest trends and technologies in the application development industry. Our goal is to create future-ready apps that are perfectly adapted to our customers’ business needs. Whether you target a new market segment, seek to improve customer retention, or wish to create an MVP and see the market’s response, our team is here to help you make the application that is best suited to your purpose.

Agile development

Agile development

The success of our customers is also our success. We use Agile Software Development methodology to implement efficient working cross-functional teams.

App modernization

App Modernization

We can help you migrate old and outdated applications to newer platforms. If you go through challenges with old applications, we can help you upgrade and improve the existing systems and architecture.

Application architecture

Application architecture

The application architecture influences the scalability, productivity, and user-friendliness of your app. Application architecture is one of the critical elements of successful application development. Our team will transform your requirements into application functionalities, and by developing a solid application architecture, they integrate all these functionalities into a logical and well-structured application.

Client centric work

Client centric work

The success of our customers is also our success. We use Agile Software Development methodology to implement efficient working cross-functional teams.



Tara Interactive technical team is here for you to provide top premium, long-term customer support for your mobile applications.

High quality delivery

High quality delivery

We own all the necessary components to deliver the best solution for your business by working with the newest technologies and frameworks and having a highly skilled and efficient team consisting of software development engineers and business analysts.


Our vast technical expertise allows us to create custom-tailored solutions for our customers, adapted to their needs and market context. Because we love new technologies and have acquired so much knowledge and experience over the years, we can rapidly identify the best approach for our customers.

Why choose us?

We offer our customers turn-key solutions for their businesses, ensuring that the digital products we develop are sustainable in the long term and respect client’s requirements and budgets.

A reliable partner

We always deliver on our promises, and customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities.

Highly skilled and experienced team

We cover a high range of technologies and framework. Our specialists are always up to date with the newest trends in the IT industry. We invest in continuous training of our team so that our customers can benefit from high-end technical solutions.

High-quality customer support

We believe that continuous communication between customers and service providers leads to the best results. This is why we are next to our clients on their entire journey. We work together from the exploration and analysis phase until the launch and long-term maintenance.

An integrated approach for your project

To deliver a high-quality technical product, we must first understand the business challenges it is supposed to address. We respect all the industry’s best practices while analyzing the projects both from a business and technical perspective before proposing a solution.

Case studies

Each project is unique. We treat each new customer with care and maximum attention, no matter their size or the size of the project. Here are some of the projects we have implemented over time, the challenges, and the results that we achieved.

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