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Our financial software solutions help you automate your financial workflow and provides a smart and secure applications for your costumers. We also, build solutions that enable your customer to monitor the daily expenses, review and forecasts savings.

our expertise

  • Software development – we create financial software and also, we improve the implemented solutions
  • We integrate the financial solution with third – party solutions.
  • We make sure everything is secure and you have full protection of your financial system
  • Maintenance
  • Content addition
  • Component functionality changes
  • Adding new graphic elements (sections, menus, pages)
  • Configurations
  • Continuous support from our developers

...and more

With so many online channels now available to connect with customers and prospects, it’s crucial for your financial institution to develop an effective website and then a successful digital strategy.

As an established partner for banks and financial institutions looking to enhance their financial services, we have the expertise and the necessary capabilities to deliver software development services. Choosing from multiple engagement models, our clients trust us to build dedicated software development teams that drive an entire software project through its lifecycle.

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“It is wonderful to see the progress made on the platform. We’re using it and talking about it every day and we can see the incredible work that has been put into the product by the Tara team. This is a unique product and a huge opportunity for all of us, and at a recent meeting with a major global system integrator the head of emerging technology told us it was ’the most exciting new product he had seen in three years’. Having the platform becoming more and more user friendly offers us the chance to go out on the market and offer it to our customers confident that it will deliver a fabulous user experience. I want to thank everyone at Tara for the phenomenal results they have achieved in helping us build the platform and for preparing it for launch, with tight deadlines and within budget.”

Anthony H.

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