Testimonials - TARA Interactive
Employee stories
Andrei R.
“All the beauty in programming is to receive a problem that no one knows how to solve. And you think about how to solve the puzzle. I like to support other colleagues from TARA to solve the puzzle. Together, everyone achieves more.”
Corina L.
“Being at the beginning of the road, I was stressed when I had to work from home, it seemed harder to ask for help. I'm glad to have the option to work from the office, and when I come in the morning I shout loudly, as I enter the door, GOOD MORNING!.”
Nelu B.
IT Developer
“I work in this company for 1.5 years but I feel like I’ve been here for a lifetime. I found here what I didn’t find in all Europe, a warm and friendly atmosphere, the constant support of my colleagues and opportunities for continuous development. Here I can express my opinion freely and I appreciate the fact that new ideas are always welcome and this makes me be more creative. We share opinions, thoughts, different views, so in this way I have the opportunity to expand my knowledge in this field, which is very important for my career.”
Mihai S.
“At TARA, I found an interesting place to grow up. I like that I have constant challenges and that I always have someone to turn to if I need help.”
Iulia D.
Poject Manager
“I like my colleagues from TARA because they are open and experts in their field. They want to grow, they are ambitious and perseverent, and their different characters add value to the team.”
Mihai B.
Digital Project Manager
“Tara Interactive was a step forward for me and the encounter of a strong team. Here I understood what it is like to have besides you a group of people who want to deliver quality to customers, no matter how hard times are. I found open colleagues, mentors and even friends in this company.“
Ivan F.
“At TARA the atmosphere is very friendly. We are like a family, we don't just discuss work things, we debate ideas, we tell interesting things. I like that I can work with other colleagues on different projects and that I am not alone.”
Gabi U.
Quality Assurance
“The relations within the TARA team are quite close, we support each other a lot. We talk about problems and try to find solutions together.”
Elena G.
“Tara is not about the job, projects or clients, Tara Interactive is about people. It’s about a team where everybody has his own role, for each one there is a place and he/she is accepted as it is. I am part of this team because here I found myself. I always start my day with joy and I am excited to do interesting things with interesting people, aspiring to more.”