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A powerful and revolutionary toolkit to ease your way through the college athletic recruiting process.


Scout Scholar wanted to be a web platform for high school students who want to attend a specialized sports college.

The platform had to provide a database of all colleges in the US that have volleyball programs. Each college has to be presented with more information of interest such as housing costs, taxes, and books.

Platform should bring new data about the college volleyball teams: the current composition of the team and the positions available in the year the high school student would be admitted to the respective university.

The student can add more options as favorites, and it is announced when the positions in the teams are either occupied or when a new teacher is available.

The platform had to be versatile, the concept evolving over time, so we chose to create it in Laravel with Backpack as the management interface.

The first challenge was to design a platform with the target group in mind: high school students. Thus, the fonts chosen had fonts with rounder, more contoured letters, the pictures used had to be cheerful and to capture the attention, the short and structured sentences. The client wanted to easily edit the texts and pictures, so we created in the administration interface the possibility to change the content in the frontend easily as in a WordPress CRM.

Then we had to move on to creating a communication system between the platform and Paypal, the target group making payments every month to have subscriptions and access to the platform. All payments and subscriptions can be viewed and modified from the administration interface. The last system implemented, in the first version, was the possibility of users to create reminders and notes, the system sending emails at the date/time set with the message that the user wanted to receive.

After the launch, the site caught the attention of several volleyball clubs with high school students.

On the website, the teacher has the possibility to connect between a student and an university, but in the USA the wifi networks are not widespread, the internet is very expensive, and in conferences, the use of a laptop is not easy.


The proposed solution was to create a mobile application in React-Native using the same code for iOS and Android that works offline.

With this application, the teacher can connect players and university to which he adds a message.

So if at the conference a faculty recruiter asks a player teacher on the Middle Blocker position, with just a few clicks, the teacher can filter the position, to select the players, find the faculty by filtering and add one of several predefined texts such as ” Get in touch asap. ”

When the teacher has an internet connection he can send this data to the website, from where emails are sent to the players with the respective information.

One year after the launch, 10 clubs with 15 teams each of 12 players joined this platform. The mobile application will be officially launched on February 14, 2020, at the first major US volleyball conference.

Next is the creation of an application for the target group, the high school students, and the integration of several sports: football, judo, handball.



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