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We work closely with our customers helping them implement new software or analyzing whether it is business-wise to adopt a specific technology or solution. We will be accompanying you all along this process, from outlining your business goals to selecting the software, making a strategy, and choosing the appropriate ways to approach the implementation. Moreover, we can assist you in developing the necessary software, customizations, implementing the whole project, and offering maintenance and support services if needed.
We are a one-stop-shop for software development services, but we also integrate professional business consultancy when needed. For example, for every application or software created, we consider both its functionalities and the UX/UI features, which play an essential role in the success of the software. This phase is crucial in transforming new technology into a powerful business tool to get your organization to the next level.

Our process

One of the essential phases of a technology project is the initial exploration. Before starting to develop any product, we study each of our customers’ current situation. A consultant will have an introductory conversation to understand your business context and what you wish to achieve by developing an app. After an in-depth analysis of available resources, technologies, and potential approaches, we will propose the type of application that best responds to your goals.

Presenting several options for addressing the business goals through different technologies and solutions proposed by our team. The customer goes through all possibilities and discusses them with Tara Interactive’s team. We analyze each approach’s pros and cons, and the client decides which one fits their needs the most.

We create the Requirements Documentation, the wireframes, and design proposals. Then using these requirements, the whole system of the software is developed. The result of all this effort is included in the Functional Specifications Document. After it is ready, we are prepared to step into the actual implementation phase.

This stage includes the programming-testing cycles and the development process itself. It can last from a few days to whole weeks, depending on the complexity of the project and the customizing that we need to make.

This is the final stage of the IT consulting service when the custom software is designed and configured. After handing over the software to our customers, we can continue our collaboration with the maintenance service.

Custom solutions for US Truck Drivers

We have successfully created an app for both iOS and Android and an
interactive dashboard for managing trucking companies with
multitenant administrators.

Why choose us?

We offer our customers turn-key solutions for their businesses, ensuring that the digital products we develop are sustainable in the long term and respect client’s requirements and budgets.

A reliable partner

We always deliver on our promises, and customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities.

Highly skilled and experienced team

We cover a high range of technologies and framework. Our specialists are always up to date with the newest trends in the IT industry. We invest in continuous training of our team so that our customers can benefit from high-end technical solutions.

High-quality customer support

We believe that continuous communication between customers and service providers leads to the best results. This is why we are next to our clients on their entire journey. We work together from the exploration and analysis phase until the launch and long-term maintenance.

An integrated approach for your project

To deliver a high-quality technical product, we must first understand the business challenges it is supposed to address. We respect all the industry’s best practices while analyzing the projects both from a business and technical perspective before proposing a solution.

Case studies

Each project is unique. We treat each new customer with care and maximum attention, no matter their size or the size of the project. Here are some of the projects we have implemented over time, the challenges, and the results that we achieved.

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