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Our mission
Create a place where anyone can thrive and grow

We believe the success of our company depends on the success of each individual so we follow a simple set of rules that gives us the possibility to grow and develop continuously. We empower our team to bring their full, authentic selves to work and to approach with confidence the most inspiring challenges of their working lives. We give our mind freedom to think createvely, we have great ambition and passion for what we do. With the combination of these traits we offer the boldest and smartest solutions for our clients.

Our goal is to provide the best solutions for our clients and we have achieved that through creating meaningful and strong relationships with our clients, by getting actively involved in each project and by offering support to those who wish to develop their online businesses. In our culture trust and autonomy have been the core values which led us to success.

Our core values
Some of the values we live by

Our values define who we are and underpin everything we do. We are building successful products and focus on delivering the best expericence to our customers. To fulfil our mission we empower employees to bring out the best in them and to do the most exceptional work in their lives.

Client oriented

We take great care to understand client’s needs and dreams and plan to deliver the best results.

Result oriented

We engage each team member’s creativity and proffessionalism to achieve the end goal.

Self improvement

We always want to learn, improve our skills and get better at what we do.

Team work

We are open and supportive with everyone. We encourrage communication and team work.


We take ownership over the work we do and we are commited to provide the best solutions.

Our environment
Creating a challenging and inclusive environment for everyone

Create meaningful products

We treat each project with great responsibility and we focus on delivering the best results. We give our mind freedom to think creatively and this leads to discovering the boldest and smartest solutions for our clients. Establishing strong relationships with our clients and providing high quality projects helped us become successful.

Life in our team

We are driven by the idea that together we can provide the most powerful outcomes. At Tara you will find a place where new and bold ideas are encouraged, where great minds gather to bring out the most creative ideas and where fun and helpful people are ready to embrace you. A workplace where you feel welcome and where you can bring out the best out you.

Develop and learn

Our organization brings a new perspective in the IT industry. We focus on giving people the possibility to evolve their skills beyond thier current job functions. We want to build the next generation of high impact companies. You will have the opportunity to gain know-how in a diverse and dynamic environment.

Job application process
The steps in a job application process

Hiring process can seem sometimeg a bit intimidating but we don’t want you to be intimidated or overwhelmed. We would like to get to know you , to see your potential and if there is a match betwen us we could grow together.


We review applications received to see in the first place if candidates would fit into our organization.


We conduct interviews to get to know each other. In this process you get insights on the role and team and we get to know you.


For some roles you will have the chance to show off your skills. Don’t panic we want you to succeed as much as you do, so we will offer support and answer all your questions.


If there is a match we will make an offer and discuss about it.

We’d love to get to know you.
Ready for new opportunities? See what suits you and apply.